• Factioner er mere passende end bare "oprørsalliancen". Skal CIS, Imperiet, Den gamle rep osv. også have hver deres? Maybe-not 29 apr. 2007 15:17
    • Ja det mener jeg, da Oprørsalliancen indeholder alt indenfor The Rebellion.. forresten er der ik noget der hedder factioner ;) factions bedtyder enten fraktion eller fløj :) - Bakse 29. apr 2007 kl. 13:27 (UTC)
    • Så kan vi kalde det... Grupper? Og vi kan ikke have en kategori til hver gruppe. Det holder ikke. Der er alt for mange.
      • Hmm.. vi kalder det.. hmm Factions/alliancer.. det indeholder det hele, og så beholder vi det engelske ord faction.. du skal nok omdirigere factioner til factions så :) - Bakse 29. apr 2007 kl. 13:36 (UTC)

Biblioteka Ossus - Polish Wiki

Hello! Could you please change your interwiki links so that they can lead to Biblioteka Ossus rather than to the long-dead Empirepedia? Here's the instruction:

To change interwiki links you will need an administration account on the server, or you will need to ask someone from Wikia staff for help. Ok follow these simple steps, but remember - these operations should be done by someone with mysql experience. Otherwise you can demage your wiki database, and whole the page could crash!

1. log in to wiki database using for example PHPMyAdmin 2. find a table called interwiki 3. select all tabs there and click the "view" button. (or something similiar, i don't remember the exact names) - not the delete button enyway :)

4. You will see something like this:
acronym  	0  	0
- language code, exact adres, and two numbers.

5. Find the 'pl' lanuage code. 6. Click on edit (the pencil icon) and change the adres. I should be$1 (YES with the $1 sign at the end) 7. Save changes and test it. :)

It should be working right now!

--Jaro7788 26. jan 2008, 00:37 (UTC) (translation by Yako)

  • I'll see to it one of the days, but this wiki is sorta dead now... it hasn't been updated for months, and I don't really think that it is going to continue...

- The Danish Jedi 26. jan 2008, 09:49 (UTC)

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